Hi world! I was late!!!

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

My name is Trang Nguyen. I come from a country which you might know about in history books by the longest war with America, Vietnam. I have a background in music and business administration and that is the reason now I’m pursuing the Master course in Music and the Creative Economy at Kingston University.

After one month from the day I came here, finally I found a heaven which is quite close to University. And I dont have to spend 4 hours travelling everyday, dont have to spend many hours looking for and contacting with landlords for some unstable places, then getting tired and  hopelesss…  A heaven that makes me feel settled down, where I am able to focus on my studys.

Hi world, I was late… so sorry… But I do not want to be late anymore.. I’m writing this first blog to mark my special day or, in English, “to gain momentum”..

Hope you will enjoy my blog from now on!!

Ps: Tomorrow I will upload more pics of my happy heaven and please feel free to drop by in case you want some Asian food with a little Vietnamese girl  ^^

  1. JULIE OJITO says:

    Well done girl!… Try to keep up with this, it is also good practice for your writing. 🙂 Hugs, Julz!

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