Frieze Art Fair

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Frieze Art Fair wasn’t my first art fair. My first art fair was back in Brussels. In that time when winter was almost over, I attended The Affordable Art Fair and enjoyed with great surprise many simple yet quintessentially crafted artworks. Whereas the Frieze Art Fair was more sort of a over-the-limit art fair where one would find works created in unbelievable detail – just mind boggling and dazzling.

Though different in content and traits, both fairs have one thing in common. Well, they are both art fairs. An art fair in whichever form has always been and will always be an essential environment that brings both sides of an art product together – the audience and the makers. It is a place where artists and other stakeholders in the art industry could bolster their fruits of days, months and even years of meticulous design and creation, where all forms of art merge into one and become a perfect… thing, whatever it is, and where those who are curious can be overwhelmed by this astonishing artistic work.

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