This is the real difference

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Facebook today brought me a video that reminded me about something which I wanted to note before.


After going to Frieze Art Fair (FAF) for just one day, I decided to visit Museum of everything #4 that caught my attention a few times when I was out on Oxford Street.

Coming back from FAF, my mind was full of ideas about things which are designed in such detail and developed to be perfect.  People come, pay ticket fee, get involved with the busy art atmosphere inside of the white tents, watch and buy things considered as masterpieces and beautiful art works. It is supposed to be the world of  art.

Tranquil and not busy, small and tidy, diversified and detailed are the words to describe the other world created by unusual people that was the main concept of the Museum of Everything. My feeling from the first step when I got into the room of the Museum of Everything was totally different. I felt the strangeness. The lights were turned on just enough to bring the opaque background for the rooms. Somewhere I heard the sound from African traditional songs.

More than 200 drawings, paintings, sculptures gathered from around the world.  Their works are organized and displayed on separate walls, hanged on the ceiling and even installed on the garret of one small room. Beside each collection, I saw the introduction letters of mental hospitals from variety countries such as Netherlands, Australia, America and Japan.

From an artistic point of view, nowadays, we expect to create the beautiful but different art works. When I look at the progressive studios through pictures, the world looks different and out of shape. And I was wondering whether or not unusual artists of the Museum of Everything predict how to do their work from the beginning step, … or somehow the way they depict the world in the view of people with mental or developmental difficulty … naturally make the uniqueness of their works.


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