Markets In London

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been to a few markets in London. It has always fascinated me to explore such places because you never know what you might find.

I visited Portobello Market twice. It is quite famous in London, located near Notting Hill Gate and South Kensington stations, and runs along a long road with shops on each side. There you could find practically almost anything from antique clothes, watches, cameras to hand-made jewellery and souvenirs. I tried to look at every shop and one that intrigued me was a second-hand shop selling used but yet still glamorous dresses, and the prices were not second-hand at all. It is obvious that some things are made to last and stay in value, with style and design. I continued further down the lengthy and curvy road to find shops selling pictures and drawings, carpets and house decorations, posters and records – if only I had a record player, I would have me some of those records. Around the summer time every year, the Notting Hill Carnival is organized here attracting crowds people of to come here to join in the ebullient beats of Caribbean. Or so I heard, I have not been to the carnival yet but I shall this summer.

Another interesting area is the Camden Town area with more than a thousand shops. I went out of the tube station and followed the Camden High Street, saw shops all around, many of them did piercings and tattoos – that is what Camden is famous for, and there was also the Camden Lock Market and the small river, by the side of which there was a small cafe.  Going further down the high street, on Chalk Farm road, there was the most famous market in Camden Town – the Stables Market. Every shop inside it was uniquely designed and decorated and had its own theme, specialized in selling a type or a family of products. But the market itself as a whole was very integrated. I enjoyed it and would definitely visit it again.

A similar market to the Stables Market is the Spitalfields Market in Liverpool Street station area, although it is quite smaller in size. Spitalfields is famous for modern designed products and fashion clothes, mostly hand-made and are very beautiful. I was amazed by how detail were some of things had been made like the bracelets and scarves. I also liked some of the t-shirts with impressive imprints. And of course did not miss the chance to buy a few things for myself.


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