Winter Wonderland

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you haven’t visited Winter Wonderland, please do. I went there with my course-mates earlier this month and we enjoyed very much the Christmassy theme, food and attractions that it had to offer.

The fair is located in Hyde Park, and the yellow leaves have already fallen beneath us that made it look more like Autumn than Winter but yet it was very beautiful, especially under the shiny colourful lights of the fair. There were many food shops, most of them were German hot dogs, burgers, friend potato cakes. I enjoyed some roast chest nuts on the way around the fair which was delicious. Drinks could be found in some bars with live and cheerful music, played by various bands. Other shops were full of souvenirs, some were beautifully crafted from wood, others carefully designed and moulded from glass. One could also find many other interesting things like necklaces, braces and rings, clothes, scarves and hats, very pretty hats.

There were also many attractions, rides and games for children and for adults. There were some slow and restful attractions such as the giant wheel and carousels. But for the people who wanted more action, there were roller-coaster rides and thrill rides such as the one that would go up more than 7o meters and suddenly drop down making feel out of breath from screaming.

But the atmosphere perhaps was the thing that made the fair’s spirit. People, families, classmates, couples, friends not only from London but also from other cities and countries visited the fair. You could see smiles on everyone’s faces and how they were enjoying the moment.

I definitely did.


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