Story about XQ

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

On the way to find out skills which I need to improve our product, suddenly it makes me think about one embroidery company from my country which I always admire their success.

Hand embroidered products have also become less popular and businesses became less successful in selling embroidered art products. As rough comparison, popularity of hand embroidered products in Viet Nam has been doing as well as classical music among young population in many countries. Hand embroidery is time consuming – it takes at least a month to produce a medium sized mediocre hand embroidered picture. However, it is hard to sell a fine hand embroidered picture that is priced from 500 thousand to 1 million Dong (15 – 30 GBP).Businesses have not been doing well. And the revival of hand embroidery tradition alone seemed to be an intricate question. But one company brought back hand embroidery to life and not only that, it also pushed its products the borders of Viet Nam, selling many of its pictures at billions of Dong – that is hundreds of thousands of Pounds.

XQ was co-created by a couple Vo Van Quan and Hoang Le Xuan. Hoang Le Xuan, who is originally from Hue – a city renowned for hand embroidery traditions, inherited the embroidery tradition from her family and along with her husband had already been creating embroidered pictures that had a main theme about Vietnamese people and places.

To-date, XQ is said to have than 3,000 embroiderers, 2,000 of them are artisans, and runs six separate companies, two of them are abroad in Russia and the USA. In my opinion, their success is based on the creativity and the idea to create the difference of their product in the massive embroidery market.  XQ really understand that  only focus on the quality and the difference of products is not enough, also have to apply a new business model, build up image of the company and focus on marketing, promotion and network campaign. Moreover, due to the copyright problem in hand embroidery market, XQ assured that only sets out to create high quality embroidery art works that are unique most of the time and that will not have more than two similar works. Many of XQ embroidery paintings take from one to six months to complete. Some take a year or even more. A lot of social activities has been run to raise their brand awareness.

And now is the time to contemplate their feature products:

Dream at summer noon

Traditional beauty

Bui Xuan Phai – A famous artist in Vietnam

Trinh Cong Son – A famous musician in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh – President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam 


The mark of time



Welcome spring – Front side

Welcome spring – Back side

Sunshine on window

Scent of Lotus

Forgotten Dream


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